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The next-generation
insulin patch pump

Life with diabetes made easier

Easy to use

Sigi™ works with readily available prefilled insulin cartridges, and is controlled directly from your own personal smartphone. Simply insert a new insulin cartridge into your patch pump and click it back on.  No hassle, no compromises – just as easy as you always wanted your patch pump to be.

Loop ready

Sigi™ is ready to be part of your closed loop system.  It will connect with your CGM and algorithm through interoperability protocols.  Its market-leading accuracy combined with its ultra-fast occlusion detection make it the new safety standard for people with diabetes, from a young age up.  

Approved by users

Sigi™ is designed as the smallest, lightest patch pump, with the best user experience: 80% of current patch pump users would switch to Sigi™*. Every user receives 2 rechargeable Sigi™ pumps lasting for years – no batteries and electronics are wasted, every couple of days.  Let’s be kinder to the planet!

Swiss technology

Sigi™ is Swiss quality and engineering in a patch pump.  Relentless watch-making precision and reliability, combined with the scientific rigor of one of Europe’s most vibrant and bright science and technology institutions, built with timeless product design, for you.  

How does
SIGI™ work?

SIGI™: Life with diabetes made easier

Sigi™ works with readily available prefilled insulin cartridges: just insert the cartridge and close the disposable cap with a click.  Thanks to Sigi’s bubble-free pumping mechanism, no warming up of the insulin is required, and filling reservoirs with a syringe is a thing of the past.  Just clip Sigi™ to its pad which combines infusion cannula and adhesive – done! New pads come ready for use with a one-click applicator – no assembly required! Each user gets 2 rechargeable Sigi™ pumps and a sleek USB charger, so that one pump is always ready to plug ‘n go…

Engineered to perform,
designed to delight

We have developed SIGI™
to improve daily life

Love it… WHEN?? I will switch from my current MDI regimen with my eyes closed once SIGI™ is available!

Beatrice, 23. MDI user, past Omnipod and Solo user for 3 years.

SIGI™ was tested and preferred by actual insulin pump and MDI users

A lot of Swiss engineering, passion for ease-of-use and perfection went into developing and designing Sigi™. We wanted to know whether people with diabetes agree that Sigi™ can become the world’s best insulin patch pump, so we asked them. *Over 2 weeks, Sigi™ prototypes were tested in real-life conditions, in collaboration with the CHUV university hospital in Lausanne (Switzerland). All testers who had given up insulin pumps and gone back to MDI said they would ‘absolutely’ switch to Sigi™ if it were available, as did 80% of current patch pump users.