Who is
AMF Medical ?


Over the past decade, microfluidics technology has been at the heart of a paradigm shift in medicine, offering both better metabolic control and a higher quality of life to people with diabetes, thanks to the insulin pump.  

Especially since the arrival of patch pumps, many people with diabetes prefer their ease-of-use and discretion, over traditional multiple-daily injections.  

Located in the heart of the Swiss Medtech Valley, AMF Medical began an Innosuisse-supported project in 2015 to further develop its technology to address unmet needs of patch pump users, followed in 2018 by the actual product development and design of Sigi™, the next-generation plug ‘n go… insulin patch pump. This led then to the creation of AMF Medical SA in early 2021, as a separate company from Advanced Microfluidics to which it ows its technological heritage.


AMF has been recognized with the SME Instrument ‘Seal of Excellence’ (now EIC Accelerator Award) by the European Innovation Council (EIC) which supports top class innovators, entrepreneurs and small companies with funding opportunities and acceleration services. 

AMF Medical has been financially supported by Canton de Vaud, Innovaud, Innosuisse and the Foundation for Technological Innovation.

Since 2019, AMF Medical SA has been recognized in multiple start-up competitions and accelerator programs.  

European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme funding recipient
Located at EPFL’s Innovation Park

Department for Economic Promotion and Innovation grant receipient
Science-based technology development grant
Start-up Competition 2021 winner
TT Alpine 2020 finalist
TT Health 2019 invitee
Start-up grant winner 2021
International Fair of
New Technologies
in Diabetes
2021 Accelerator Program finalist
Awarded FIT Tech
Growth Loan